[NEW] Stainless steel blocker eye plate (without screws)

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A4 stainless steel blocker eye plate for wooden frame, for indoor or outdoor use.
Sold individually without screws (available with screws).
LOFTNETS innovation. Registered model.



    Designed by the LOFTNETS engineering team, the blocker eye plate in A4 or 316 stainless steel has been specially developed to make it even easier for our customers to install their nets, and save more time thanks to point by point lacing.

    Originally used to install catamaran nets, point by point lacing is a technique used to directly attach one fixation point using 5 mm rope. This method means for a quick and simple installation and ensures your net is perfectly stretched thanks to the blocking system integrated into the blocker eye plate hardware.

    Detailed instructions to master the point-by-point lacing method can be found in our installation guide, which is sent by email once your order is confirmed.

    The blocker eye plate is perfectly adapted to nets installed on wooden frame both indoors and outdoors.

    Thanks to its highly resistant A4 or 316 stainless steel composition, it can withstand all environmental conditions such as UV, frost and humidity. You can use it to set up a net on your terrace, near a swimming pool or to equip a sunbed (outdoor net stretched over a wooden or steel frame).

    The LOFTNETS blocker eye plate combines aesthetic design with safety and strength, making it ideal for use in a wide range of environments.

    Technical details :

    The screw holes have a 5 mm diameter and have funnel-shaped holes to simplify positioning the screw, which automatically sits at the same level as the eye plate and prevents the rope from rubbing against the screw. The space between the two screws is 25 mm.

    The base of the blocker eye plate is 3 mm thick and the diameter is 40 mm.

    The overall height of the blocker eye plate is 32 mm. The inside height of the ring is 7 mm.

    Simple to install and uninstall, you just need a drill to attach it. Make sure the blocker eye plates are spaced every 12 cm to ensure your net is correctly tightened.

    The blocker eye plate in A4 stainless steel is sold individually without screws. You can also buy on our website the blocker eye plate with screws.

    We also sell 50 mm eye plates with screws available in stainless steel or black coated stainless steel.

    [NEW] Stainless steel blocker eye plate (without screws)