For over ten years, LOFTNETS has specialized in home nets. Home nets are multi-purpose and may be installed both indoors and outdoors since they are made of high-quality, resistant materials.

Showcase your resort with a hotel trampoline net

If you are looking for a way to stand out from the competition by offering guests innovative, safe places to relax in, consider our hotel trampoline nets. They stand up to UV rays, salt water, and harsh weather conditions because they respond to the same demands as catamaran nets. They withstand heavy weight loads per m² to allow children and adults to profit from a suspended floor net.

Our made-to-measure service proposes hotel nets to fill a void or any framework set in place. The shape, surface area, and mesh of the net are modulable to provide you with a sunbed on a terrace, a suspended floor net for a mezzanine, or a balcony guardrail.

Hotel nets adapted to your needs

Hotel trampoline nets may be installed in a wide variety of ways, both indoors and outdoors. Their usefulness and reliability makes them ideal for a number of professional uses. Used as guardrails or handrails on mezzanines, terraces, staircases, and balconies, they act as protective barriers, especially for young children. They are pleasing to the eye, and their geometrical openwork doesn't block out daylight or obstruct the view.

Positioned horizontally, the hotel net becomes a very comfortable relaxation area. Suspended next to a mezzanine or terrace, just a couple of throw pillows and turn it into a great place to relax on, read, or take a nap.

Perfectly safe, high-quality installations

To provide high-quality hotel trampoline nets, LOFTNETS applies the same specifications to its hotel nets as it does to its catamaran nets. You are guaranteed a perfectly safe installation that is designed to last, even if installed outdoors all year long. The nets are UV-resistant and so will not fade in the sunlight.

The nets not only let you offer your guests an enjoyable spot to relax in, but they also act as safety barriers to prevent accidents in potentially dangerous places such as balconies. Our made-to-measure service will assist you every step of the way in selecting your net and fixing hardware. Find the perfect solution based on your wants and needs!

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