Tension ropes

Have you recently replaced your catamaran net or wish to replace the worn-out or damaged tensioning rope? LoftNets carries a high-quality line of ropes.

Find the ideal tensioning rope for your net

Available in black or white and in several diameters, our tensioning ropes have multiple uses. You may use them to maintain the guardrails of your multihull's deck in a vertical position, and tension your net or fabric trampolines horizontally.

Our robust tensioning ropes are made of multi-strand polyester to stand up to UV rays, mold, water, and even solvants. They are perfectly suited for use in marine conditions! You may order our catamaran net ropes by the meter, in order to purchase the exact length you need to tension your net.

A tensioning rope that ensures your safety

Primarily found on leisure catamarans, guardrails provide additional safety when at sea. They keep children and house pets from falling overboard, allowing the whole family to discover the joys of sailing. A tensioning rope maintains the guardrail in place, to act as a barrier.

Firmly maintain your catamaran trampoline with a tensioning rope

Our catamaran tensioning ropes allow you to replace the ropes of your trampoline net if they are worn-out or damaged over time. Regular maintenance of your equipment ensures you safe and pleasurable outings at sea. To avoid any risks, carefully inspect your tensioning ropes! So that the trampoline remains a comfortable area to walk, sit, or lie on, it needs to be properly tensioned all around the perimeter.

Our high-quality catamaran net tensioning ropes are resistant to harsh weather conditions, UV rays, and salt water. You'll benefit from a robust tensioning rope adapted to maritime use and designed to last on your sports or leisure catamaran.

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