6-mm (1/4'') black tensioning rope

Sold by the meter


6-mm (1/4'') black tensioning ropes for home nets, and decorative guardrail nets



    The 6-mm (1/4'') tensioning rope is used to tension your home net in a vertical position for decorative use.

    - The 6-mm (1/4'') black tension rope is laced between the grabbers you have placed on the walls and the bolt rope or eyelets located on the edges of the nets.

    - This tension rope is sold by the meter: in your online Cart, enter the length you need (in m) in the Quantity field.

    - You may also purchase this tension rope without ordering a net: simply select the quantity you need in your online Cart, and we will ship it directly to you.

    Material6-thread braided polyester
    Diameter6 mm - 1/4''
    Weight25 g/m - 0.27 oz/ft
    Breaking load640 daN
    ElongationLess than 10%
    UV-resistantTrès bonne
    Water absorption0,5 - 2%

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