Our workshop in Bordeaux harbor

Our nets are designed and manufactured in the heart of the Bordeaux harbor, guaranteeing high-quality French manufacturing.

Our workshop produces all types of catamaran nets and home nets: indoor and outdoor weatherproof home nets, suspended nets, terrace nets, mezzanine nets, guardrails, stairwell nets, nets for oversized hammocks, just to name a few!

In charge of manufacturing is a professional team specialized in industrial sewing and nautical textile products highly competent in the design and execution of technical nets, often having complex shapes.

The workshop artisans possess the key skills to create boat nets, home nets, and guardrails.

a professional team specialized in industrial sewing
Skills, initially acquired during the manufacturing of catamaran nets

These skills, initially acquired during the manufacturing of catamaran nets, include:

  • The modeling of specifications: based on the customer’s specifications, the technician defines the cutting pattern;

  • The selection and quality-control of the raw materials: thereby optimizing the cut and limiting wasted netting;
  • Custom cutting: an essential step in producing a finished product that is perfectly adapted to your void to fill;
  • Installing the finishing bolt ropes: and reinforcement splices.

The workshop ensures the entire manufacturing process of the custom-made net, from the customer’s specifications to shipping, and according to the installation projects of the entire product.

High-end, hand-made in France nets that satisfy our customers who include private individuals, artisans, architects, shipyards, boat rental agencies, and skippers and crews that race on the high seas.

Made to measure, top of the range, made in France