Our nets in videos

LoftNets has created video tutorials to help you understand how to install your home net or catamaran trampoline.
An installation guide is emailed to you once your order has been confirmed.
For additional information, please contact our technical team.

Home nets

The home net is a clever interior-decorating solution used to create a relaxing area above a void, secure a mezzanine, or separate two areas without having to put up walls.

Find out our homemade tips to choose your home nets:


Who installs the net?
The artisan of your choice (carpenter, joiner, or assembler) may install your net. No particular skills are needed, and an installation guide will guide you through the process. The installation requires 2 people for a period of roughly 5 hours.

Find out how to install your home net:


The different knots:


Cutting the roppe, eye plate installation, eye screw installation:


Dyneema cable installation:


Our nets on Youtube:



Catamaran nets

The knots used to install your catamaran net are the same as those used to install home nets, as shown in the video above.

Prior to installing your catamaran net, we recommend that you soak your net for 24 hours to make the installation easier.

The different lacings

Anchor ben knot