Filets de catamarans
Designer of customized catamaran and home nets
Nets validated by an approved inspection body
Online design and ordering
Filets de catamarans
Designer of customized catamaran and home nets
Nets validated by an approved inspection body

Online design and ordering

Home net

Find your inspiration within our customers' creations

Inspired by the nautical world, home nets have become commonplace both inside and outside our homes to create reading nooks, fill voids, act as a room divider while letting daylight filter through, and even creating a giant hammock in the garden.

There's no limit to what you can do with nets. Let your imagination run wild!

LoftNets supplies you with indoor nets in different materials: marine3S® polyester or polypropylene, both UV-resistant for durable indoor and outdoor use.

Discover our materials

With over 15 years of experience in technical canvases and catamaran nets, our expertise allows us to offer you a wide range of netting: braided for horizontal installations, and knotted for vertical uses, their mesh size vary from 15x15 mm to 60x60 mm. To satisfy all your decorating needs, the nets are available in a wide range of colors: white, black, slate grey, beige, red, blue, green, orange, and more!

Guardrail net

Railing net of 2 m²

50-mm (2") white knotted netting

from 177 €
Mezzanine net

Mezzanine net of 4 m²

with fasteners and tension rope

from 544 €


pitons, bridges, D-shackle...

from 2.16 € / m


8 colors and 4 diameters available

from 2.40 € / m
Design your net

Catamaran nets

A central piece of equipment for both leisure and racing multi-hull boats, catamaran trampolines have become a LoftNets specialty.

We provide you with a number of catamaran nets, and our products are compatible with all the multi-hull series manufactured by the world's leading shipyards. We can also design and manufacture your customized catamaran trampoline for non-standard models.

Whatever multi-hull model you own, LoftNets will design your customized trampoline net or guardrail.

Filets de catamarans


Supplier of ARSEP and PRIMONIAL trampolines
SPONSOR of the ARSEP multi 50

LoftNets, a unique concept for customized results

LoftNets combines its experience gained in the nautical sector with interior decorating

The suspended net was initially a catamaran net used to fill a void, secure a mezzanine, or act as a see-through room divider. Home nets are very versatile and let you create new spaces in your home while ensuring the safety of your family members.

Profiting from the latest technological innovations developed for the nautical sectors, the home net lets daylight filter through and offers impressive robustness.

We also provide you with sturdy, robust multi-hull technical canvases, for both nautical and leisure uses.

Highly-resistant nets

Our home nets in marine3S® polyester are manufactured with our exclusive material. The thread is heat-sealed, which increases the netting's resistance. The Marine3S® polyester has a lower sag ratio than other types of polyester, and its resistance to wear due to rubbing makes it the ideal material for your home net.

Quality French manufacturing

Our manufacturing operations are located in the heart of the Bordeaux river port. We proudly guarantee our quality French manufacturing to be 100% artisanal.

Safety at the heart of our concerns

LoftNets is the only home net manufacturer to have had its nets validated by an independent bureau specialized in construction.