You've recently acquired a catamaran, or your nets are worn-out and need replacing? Make the right decision to ensure your safety and that of your passengers. With the Lagoon trampoline net, LoftNets makes available to you its experience accrued over the past ten years!

Opt for quality with the Lagoon trampoline net!

We supply braided nets in different materials - polyester, mesh, and technical fabrics - to suit all boats and budgets. They are all UV-resistant and stand up to salt water. Each of the materials is suitable for any boat, and their edges are correctly adjusted to make lacing easy.

Set sail with peace of mind and navigate comfortably through the waters on our Lagoon trampoline nets!

Why a Lagoon boat net ?

The Lagoon catamaran net was initially designed to ensure the boat's stability when the waters were choppy. This is no longer its sole purpose: today, the net has other uses, some of which you may not have imagined!

The net is also a trendy accessory that is pleasing to the eye, and gives you a feeling of weightlessness when standing, sitting, or lying on it above the waves. You'll be able to enjoy the majestic nautical scenery both above and below the net.

The Lagoon trampoline also increases the surface area of the boat, creating a relaxing outdoor area. A great place to make new memories with family and friends, with water, water everywhere!

The importance of properly choosing one's catamaran net

A number of factors must be taken into account when selecting your Lagoon catamaran trampoline.

To begin with, it is important to select the model that corresponds to your navigating style, as well as the material it is made of. This material must be both resistant and comfortable to walk or lie on at the same time.

Today, a UV-treated net has become the rule of thumb to protect your equipment. This treatment protects your net from both UV rays and salt water. For both professionals and non-professionals, opt for a Lagoon trampoline net with simple, practical fixings to make the lacing easier on your cruiser.

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