Loft Nets & Hammocks

LoftNets has been specializing in trampolines and related accessories since 1971. Given our extensive experience, we are proud to offer high-quality architectural nets.

Add a special touch to your residence with a suspended net

They complement your interior or your garden, to create an innovative, relaxing area as well as an additional safety measure. To respond to your demands, we make available solid nets sold by the m², in both braided and knotted netting.

A custom made netting will allow you to fill a void under a cathedral ceiling, or create a mezzanine in your home. You may also create a guardrail to secure a balcony, terrace, or staircase. Our models are the ideal solution to separate an area without compromising on daylight. Our robust architectural nets will give you a new space to relax on in the shape of a suspended net. We also provide the hardware and tools needed to install the net.

Architectural nets adapted to your interior

If you own a void to fill or are looking to install a suspended floor net to relax on, then a suspended loft net is the perfect solution for you. It offers a number of advantages: it is easy to install, is lightweight, and its openwork lets daylight filter through. You may order the exact shape and size needed to transform your mezzanine into an area to walk, sit, or lie on, to have a nap or just relax.

Different-sized nettings are available, depending on the area in which you install the deck net and how you intend to use it. Select a tightly-woven net for small children to nap on! With a few throw pillows, a blanket, and a few good books on hand, the net then beomes a perfectly safe relaxation area for the entire family.

For additional safety, particularly in a staircase, a bed, or on a balcony, you may install a guardrail with a knotted net. LoftNets proposes tensioning ropes and fixations adapted to all types of loft nets.

Secure your garden for the whole family with a quality hammock net or guardrail net

Our custome nettings for guardrails or handrails may be adapted to outdoor uses to secure a balcony, outdoor staircase, or terrace. The whole family will be able to take advantage of the garden without any risk of falling. These installations are ideal for families with young children and / or house pets! Their different netting types bring a touch of contemporary elegance to your home, along with providing a safer environment. Choose the net that is best suited to your garden: black or white, braided or knotted.

LoftNets proposes a custom made netting service intended for outdoor use. The net is tensioned in a wooden or steel frame using the proper fixations. The net is easy to install to create an original, comfortable place to lie or sit on, depending on the net's surface area. You'll be pleasantly suspended above the ground, and won't be bothered by any insects.

You may also place a net over your in-ground pool when it is not in use. These nets are practical for filling in an unused space!

Choose the net that suits you with our customized service

Do you wish to install a net in your home? Are you a professional establishment looking for an original furnishing idea? Our custom made nettings are suitable for apartments, houses, gardens, and hotels thanks to our customized service. Please feel free to share your questions and requirements with us when placing your order, or browse through our guide to help you choose. An online design tool is available to assist you.

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