Coloured hammock floor netting samples

Manufacture from 15 working days


If you feel lost and you don't know which color to choose, this samples pack is the perfect solution for you.



Loftnets offer this samples pack to help you choose the color that suits your interior, it includes 7 samples :

- 5 samples of 45 mm - (1 3/4’’) braided netting in green, blue, beige, red, grey

- 1 sample of 30 mm - (1 1/8’’) braided netting in coffee

- 1 sample of 20 mm - (3/4’’) braided netting in grey

Black and white 45mm braided netting samples are in the sample kit with the following references "FHABECH" or "PACKFHABECH"

Sample size :15-20cm x 15-20cm

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