Fountaine Pajot

LoftNets places its professional skills at your service, whatever your sailing experience. For over ten years, our nets have proved to be highly reliable parts of equipment to owners of Fountaine Pajot catamarans.

Discover the many advantages of the Fountaine Pajot trampoline net!

Attention all seafarers: our Fountaine Pajot trampoline nets are designed to meet your expectations!Today this make has become the reference in cruising catamarans the world over.

This is why LoftNets chose to design Fountaine Pajot trampolines, the quality of which stands up to all marine weather conditions: UV rays, wind, and salt water. Our replacement nets are identical to the original models and perfectly suited to your multihull, to provide you with a pleasant, comfortable area to enjoy during your outings at sea, without affecting your navigation!

Why choose our Fountaine Pajot trampolines?

To begin with, because they are perfectly designed to fit the model of your boat. When receiving your trampoline, don't be surprised to discover that the dimensions of our Fountaine Pajot cattamaran trampolines are smaller than the surface area they are intended for. This is because the fibers will stretch out to perfectly adjust to the void to fill. T make the installation process easier, simply soak the net and tensioning ropes in cold water for 24 hours prior to installation.

What's more, all our Fountaine Pajot boat nets are UV-resistant for additional robustness, whatever material they are made of. Fountaine Pajot catamaran nets are easy to maintain, and their bolt ropes are robust, which makes for optimal weight distribution. We package and ship all our products so that they arrive at their destination in mint condition.

Why choose a quality net?

To ensure your safety and enjoy your outings at sea, it is important to carefully select the trampoline. France Trampoline provides different Fountaine Pajot catamaran nets in several materials to meet all your requirements. Our models are well-knwon for their resistance and comfort, and for their ergonomics.

Our Fountaine Pajot trampoline nets, in both PVC and polyester, are recognized for their robustness and permeability. They will not get in the way of your manœuvres, and will let the waves filter through at sea. Soft to the touch, seafarers will appreciate walking on them barefoot or lying on them when the boat is moored, in total safety!

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