Trampoline for Maldives 32 catamaran

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Trampoline net in polyester or technical fabric for the Maldives 32 catamaran.



    To replace the net of your Maldives 32 catamaran, Loftnets recommends two stellar materials. We make available polyester nets for an excellent combination of robustness and permeability, and extremely resistant PVC technical fabrics. All UV-resistant and very comfortable, these materials are the trusted solutions for many of the world's largest boat charterers. 

    - We recommend two braided polyester nets for the Maldives 32 catamaran trampoline. The F3030T net is made of a 30 x 30 mm mesh. This mesh size has the advantage of being comfortable while letting water filter through when the sea is choppy. The second mesh we make available is the F1515T net with a 15 x 15 mm mesh. This tighter mesh is extremely comfortable for sunbathing when the boat is moored.

    Both of these nets are designed in polyester and withstand up to 200 kilos/m². To install your net, we recommend that you soak it in cold water for 24 hours beforehand, and then install it while still wet in order to reduce its slack ratio, thereby increasing its tension.

    - We also make available technical fabrics in PVC MultiTramp Mesh, the MT492, for Maldives 32 catamarans. These PVC mesh fabrics are extremely robust and have a long shelf-life. The edges of these fabrics are high-frequency welded for optimal resistance when they are being tensioned. Concerning the edges, several finishings are available: stainless steel grommets can be placed every 150 mm along the edges to evenly distribute the tension on the net's surface. The edges may also be fitted with a sheath in which to insert a rod or cable. Loftnets also designs fabrics with a bolt rope to slide it into a track.

    Whether they are in polyester nets or in MultiTramp, Loftnets's trampolines may be laced to the boat or fastened point by point.

    Loftnets delivers worldwide.

    Trampoline for Maldives 32 catamaran
    Catamaran trampoline
    ModelsMaldives 32
    Tension systemLacing
    Tension ropeSold by the meter. Online ordering available.
    Available materials
    30 x 30 mm (1 1/8'') braided netting475 g/m² (1.56 oz/sqft) polyester - Edge : 10-mm (13/32'') bolt rope - Thread diameter : 4 mm (5/32'')
    15 x 15 mm (5/8'') braided netting700 g/m² (2.29 oz/sqft) polyester - Edge : 10 mm (13/32'') bolt rope - Thread diameter : 2,5 mm (3/32'')
    Multitramp Mesh 4921000g/m² (3.28 oz/sqft) 1670dtex - PVC coating - Edge : 17 mm (11/16'') grommets - Welded strap