Do you own a catamaran of the renowned make Outremer and your nets need replacing? LoftNets, the marine equipment manufacturing specialist, deploys its know-how to provide you with Outremer trampoline nets.

Set sail with peace of mind with the Outremer trampoline net!

These high-quality nets are designed to support the excellence of the Outremer line of boats, such as the 43 and 45 models.

Our very robust Outremer boat nets are resistant to UV rays, the Sun's reflection on the water, salt water, and wind. They are also ergonomical, since their installation will not get in the way of letting the waves flow through them when you are sailing. You will also appreciate the comfort they provide when relaxing on them. Many Outremer owners the world over have already been convinced by our expertise; why don't you give us a try?

Why opt for our Outremer boat nets?

By selecting our Outremer catamaran nets, designed specifically for your vessel, you are sure to choose the right equipment. If the size seems a bit smaller than the one you ordered, this is to be expected: simply soak the trampoline net in cold water for 24 hours so that it stretches out and fits in the void when installed.

The materials we've selected, like polyester and mesh, are extremely robust and designed to last. The edges of the Outremer catamaran net are stitched and welded to stand up to intensive use and winds. We package and ship our products carefully so that they arrive in mint condition anywhere in the world.

Why is it important to take care of the trampoline ?

A trampoline net must be carefully maintained to ensure the safety of all passengers when at sea. The netting of our Outremer catamaran trampolines has been designed to last, while being soft to the touch and comfortable to lie on. This way you'll be able to lounge on the net and enjoy the views both above and below.

A new Outremer trampoline will simplify your outings at sea because its mesh is very permeable. You'll also have greater visibility during manœuvres, like lifting anchor or mooring. By the same token, remember to inspect your tensioning ropes!

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