Custom made nets

Are you looking for trampolines that are perfectly compatible with your catamaran? LoftNets offers a customized net service to allow you to replace your trampoline(s), no matter what the make and model of your boat are.

Find your customized net for your sailboat

To set sail in complete safety, with friends or family, your multihull's nets must be in good shape. They allow you to cut through the waves without losing speed due to their openwork and their lightweight structure. Water flows through the mesh for an exhilerating outing at sea!

Based on the model of your catamaran, it may be difficult to find a trampoline to meet your demands. With our customized safety nets, you'll make the most of the salty air in optimal conditions. Simply choose the size and type of your trampoline from our wide range of nets.

A made-to-measure catamaran net service

LoftNets designs customized catamaran nets to satisfy multihull owners who may have had trouble finding a compatible replacement trampoline. This service lets private boat owners and professional charterers order the right sized net. Simply measure the trampoline framework and indicate these measurements online when placing your order.

We make available a wide selection of high-quality nets and technical fabrics to help you find the type of trampoline compatible with your sports or leisure catamaran. Whether you opt for a braided or knotted net, or a mesh technical fabric, we provide you with solid, weather-proof equipment designed to last. Our customized catamaran nets are UV-resistant to withstand the Sun's rays.

Secure your multihull and sail the waves with peace of mind

To safely set sail, it is important to have customized catamaran safety nets. Lightweight and robust, they can withstand the weight of a child as well as an adult. Once tensioned in the framework, the trampoline provides the multihull with an additional surface area. You'll be able to walk on it, or lie on it for relaxing moments at sea. Opt for a tightly-woven braided net for optimal comfort!

For additional safety, our trampolines are equipped with reinforced edges, and bolt ropes to reduce friction. Our customized net service also includes fixation kits to let you install the new replacement net.

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