50-mm knotted catamaran net

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50-mm knotted catamaran net, available in white.


Price from 37,44 € tax incl. / Based on a net of 6.25 m²

    Ideal for creating a guardrail or ship rail, this 50-mm knotted catamaran net is more economical than a braided net. This net is very robust and performs well in marine environments. Because it is knotted, it is not as comfortable as a braided net, and so is commonly installed in a vertical position.

    50-mm knotted netting. This loose netting allows daylight to filter through. The solid knotted netting is easy to mend in case of a tear or snag.

    - UV-Resistant polyamide. This net is treated against UV rays, and will therefore hold up well under the Sun and remain robust during your outings at sea.

    - Available in white. This net is available in white only. A bolt rope is placed along the edges of the net to make it aesthetically pleasing and extremely solid.

    - Custom-made design.  Your net is custom-made: simply send us the measurements of the net you need, or the plans of your catamaran, and we will design your net within 2 to 3 weeks.

    Directions for use: We recommend that you soak your net in cold water for 24 hours prior to installing it on your catamaran.

    50-mm knotted catamaran net
    Manufacturing timeNet manufactured in 15 working days on average
    MaterialUV-resistant polyamide
    Weight530 g/m² - 1.74 oz/sqft
    Thread diameter4,75 mm - 3/16''
    Mesh size50 x 50 mm - 2 x 2''
    Mesh typeKnotted
    Edge10 mm (13/32'') overlock stitching with or without bolt rope
    Maximum load120 kg/m² (264 lbs) up to 8m² (86 ft²), over 8m² (86 ft²) 1T (2204 lbs) max