15-mm braided-mesh black home net

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This 15-mm braided-mesh black home net is the ideal net to install horizontally both indoors and outdoors.



    The home nets are similar to those iinstalled on catamarans and are used to fill horizontal as well as vertical voids.

    Made to measure, your indoor home net will provide you with a cozy, relaxing area in your home. Its 15-mm braided mesh provides a great deal of comfort.

    Maximum weight allowed on the net : 120 kg/m² (264 lbs) up up to 8m² (86 ft²), and 1 tonne (2204 lbs) max for nets greater than 8m2 (86 ft²). A relaxation area to share! Our polyester nets prove to be ultra-resistant, several adults can stand on them without any risk.

    UV-resistant, this safety net may be installed both indoors and outdoors.

    Bolt rope 10 mm: for a more aesthetic look and a more resistant finish.

    15-mm braided-mesh black home net