50 mm (2'') white knotted loft net

Manufactured in 15 working days


This 5 cm (2'') knotted netting is often used for custom-made rail nets or deck netting.


Price from 39,24 € tax incl. / for a 6 m² net without finishing

    Indicated price per sqm. For a 6.25 m² (67 sqft) net

    You need to secure a mezzanine or open ceiling space, secure a balcony or a staircase while preserving natural light, all for a small budget ? This 5 cm (2'') knotted netting will fill your expectations.

    This polyamide netting is more elastic than knotless netting, which is made from polyester or polypropylene. It is also not as soft, this is why we suggest using it for a vertical position rather than a horizontal one. 

    Knotted netting: Originally, this netting was used as nautical deck netting (fishing or multihull). Today it is found indoors, more often in a vertical position, as it isn't very comfortable to walk or lie on. 

    50 mm (2'') square netting: this widely spaced pattern helps maintain maximum luminosity and is ideal for those wishing to conserve natural light, making it less noticeable. A great bonus if you wish to install an aesthetic railing that will fit perfectly in your home! 

    - 120 kg/sqm (43 lbs/sqft) resistance: A great safety asset! This netting will retain adults and children in the case of a fall.

    -  Possibility of adding a 10 mm (4'') in diameter boltrope: Elegance and efficiency. Creating a nice finish to the net and reinforcing the edges of the net. It is also through the boltrope that the fixations will be attached. 

    - UV-light and anti-mould treatment: Like all our netting, it has been treated against UV-light, conserving its worth even after a long exposure. Designed to be installed indoors and out, the netting displays an excellent resistance to moisture, even in marine conditions. 

    Manufacturing timeNet manufactured in 15 working days on average
    UseIndoor or outdoor
    MaterialUV-resistant polyamide
    Weight530 g/m² - 1.74 oz/sqft
    Thread diameter4,75 mm - 3/16''
    Mesh size50 x 50 mm - 2 x 2''
    Mesh typeKnotted
    Edge10 mm (13/32'') overlock stitching with or without bolt rope
    Maximum load120 kg/m² (264 lbs) up to 8m² (86 ft²), over 8m² (86 ft²) 1T (2204 lbs) max