15 mm (5/8") black braided loft net

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15 mm (5/8'') black hammock floor netting to fit your house with a made to measure indoor or outdoor suspended house net. Soft and comfortable, ideal for small budgets!


Price from 68,63 € tax incl. /

Indicative price per sqm for a 6.25 sqm (67 sqft) net.

Create an indoor or outdoor relaxation space with our 15 mm (5/8'') knotless hammock floor netting. This type of netting material is mainly used for horizontal hammock floors.

Our hammock floor nets are made to measure, according to your specific measurements. The net, depending on the tension and fixation system, should stand at 3 to 10 cm (1/8'' to 13/32'') from the supporting surface.

- Comfortable knotless netting: we advise using this type of netting for hammock floors that will be walked on or lain on. Raschel knotless netting offers optimal comfort, compared to knotted netting. This netting is made from polypropylene which is more supple than our 30 mm (1 1/8'') knotless netting.

- 15 x 15 mm (5/8'' x 5/8'') netting: this tight netting will retain small objects and will reassure parents of young children, as the risk of small feet getting caught is very limited. This netting will let less light through than a 30 x 30 mm (1 1/8'' x 1 1/8'') hammock floor netting.

- With a Maximum authorized load : 120 kg/m² up to 8m², over 8m² 1 T (1000 kg) max

- 10 mm (13/32'') stitched boltrope: for immaculate finishing and great aesthetics this boltrope also reinforces the edges of the net.

- UV-light and anti-mould treatment: our polyester hammock floor nets are designed for indoor, outdoor, and nautical use.

Manufacturing timeNet manufactured in 15 working days on average
UseIndoor or outdoor
MaterialUV-resistant polyester
Weight690 g/m² - 2.26 oz/sqft
Thread diameter2,15 mm - 3/32''
Mesh size15 x 15 mm - 5/8'' x 5/8''
Mesh typeBraided
Edge10 mm (13/32'') overlock stitching
UV-resistant250 kly
Netting tearapprox. 1,0 kN (test ISO 1806)
Maximum load120 kg/m² (264 lbs) up to 8m² (86 ft²), over 8m² (86 ft²) 1T (2204 lbs) max