A4 black stainless steel eye plate with screws

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Solid and aesthetic black fixing system for your hammock floor net or your railing net. Sold with black screws.



    To attach your hammock floor or your railing net, we offer these A4 stainless steel eye plates with their 5X50mm torx screws. These fixings can be used indoor and outdoor.

    - These A4 stainless steel bridges are corrosion resistant in both saline and chlorinated environments, giving you great freedom of use !

    Each black eye plate is entirely polished in order to prevent damaging the tension rope while using your net. 

    Easy to use: 2 black torx screws are provided with each eye plate. Place them every 15 cm around your net to evenly distribute the tension. for a nice result, don't forget to fix them in the same direction!

    - The black eye plates with their torx screws are to be used in wood only. If you wish to attach your hammock floor in concrete, we advise choosing stainless steel eye screws 8x80 mm with their wall plugs.

    A4 black stainless steel eye plate with screws
    MaterialCorrosion-resistant A4 stainless steel
    UseWood structure - minimum thickness 60 mm (2 3/8'')
    Eye diameter18 mm - 23/32''
    Max. weight limit225 kg / fixing
    Garantie2 years