10-mm (13/32'') grey tensioning rope

Sold by the meter


10-mm (13/32'') grey tensioning rope for your home net. Available in 6 other colours.



Perfect for tying your horizontal home net or vertical guardrail, this grey rope will bring a subtle touch of colour to your home.

Easily tie your suspended net to your fixations using this 10-mm (13/32'') grey rope.

- Extremely resistant, this rope is made of multi-strand polyester to withstand harsh weather conditions (the cold, humidity, and so on).

- Excellent dimensional stability, very little stretching.

- Extremely UV-, wear-, and rot-resistant.

This rope is also available in other colours: green, blue, yellow, red, black, and white.

Product sold by the meter: should you wish to order several meters, enter the length desired in the Quantity field of your shopping cart.

10-mm (13/32'') grey tensioning rope
Material8-thread braided polyester
Diameter10 mm - 13/32''
Weight73.5 g/m - 0.78 oz/ft
Breaking load2000 daN
Elongationmore than 15 %
Water absorption0,5 - 2%