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A4 eye plate with screws

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Solid and aesthetic fixing for your house net or your guardrail. Stainless steel eye plate sold with screws.



    To install your net on horizontal or vertical applications, we provide you these stainless steel eye plates with TX 5x50 stainless steel screws for wood. These fixings can be installed inside or outside.
    - Our stainless steel eye plates are corrosion resistant in harsh and agressive environments, providing you a large choice of use.
    - The screws have a double central thread to accelerate the speed of penetration into the wood, which gives them an ultra-fast screwing grip until the tip. The design incorporates faceted countersinks at the head of the screw for a neat finish, and also a knurled section that significantly reduces resistance to screwing.
    - Each eye plate is fully polished to prevent the thread from cutting when using your net.
    - Easy installation: 2 x 5X50 screws for wood are provided with each eye plate. The maximum span between 2 eye plates is 15 cm according to our installation manual. For a nicer result, pay attention to not forget to fix the eye plates in the same direction !
    - Please note that the 5X50 screws are only efficient in wood. If you want to install your net in concrete, we advise you to choose anchors and plugs designed for this application, as you can find on our website.
    MaterialCorrosion-resistant A4 stainless steel
    Thread/axis diameter6 mm - 1/4''
    Eye diameter18 mm - 23/32''
    Max. weight limit150 kg (330 lbs) / fixation
    Tensile strength4,3kN
    Torsional strength3,7N.m