30-mm white braided netting running board kit

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This netting running board kit will secure access to a house net, using a 30 mm netting. 



    This netted running board will allow you to secure the access of your indoor house net by covering the space between the fixings and the boltrope of your house net. 

    This running board will allow an easier access for young children, the risk of getting your foot stuck between the frame and the net's boltrope will no longer exist. It can reassure parents, who can leave their children to use the house net safely. 

    This netting running board kit includes:

    -  A white net with a 30 mm braided netting that will match your house net. The running board measures 1.5m x 0.3m: it will entirely cover the area between the fixings and the net's boltrope, offering a large enough space for children to easily access the house net. It is provided with a 6mm boltrope for maximum maintenance and solidity. 

    - 4 A4 Stainless-steel shackles allow you to attach the netting running board to the net's fixing system. These shackles can be used inside and out. 

    Is your net made with 13mm braided netting? Good news: we also offer this netting running board for this size netting.