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12 x 120 mm (1/2'' x 4 3/4'') galvanized steel Eye Screw

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Loftnets provides galvanized steel eye screws for your indoor hammock floors and rail nets.



    Loftnets has several fixing systems on offer for your indoor hammock floor and rail nets.

    - Our galvanized steel eye screws are available in two different sizes: 8 x 80 mm (5/16'' x 3 5/32'') and 12 x 120 mm (1/2'' x 4 3/4'').

    - 120 mm (4 3/4'') eye screws have 65 mm (2 9/16'') thread and a total length of 170 mm (6 23/32''). We advise you to screw them to at least 105 mm (4'').

    - The eye of the screw is closed to stop the tensioning rope from slipping out. The eye is also polished to avoid damaging or sectioning the rope.

    - These eye screws can be used on wooden, cement and solid brick supporting surfaces. We recommend to not install your hammock flloor on a plaster or plaster board surface.

    - For harder surfaces such as plaster board, we recommend using our wall plugs, adapted to 120 mm (4 3/4'') eye screws.

    - For a quick and easy installation, we recommend pre-drilling the surface. You should set up the eye screws every 15 cm (5.90''). 

    MaterialCorrosion-resistant zinc-coated steel
    Thread/axis diameter12 mm - 1/2''
    Eye diameter25 mm - 1''
    Max. weight limit200 kg (440 lbs) / fixation