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Trampoline for Privilège 42 catamaran

Product available upon request


Trampoline net in polyester or technical canvas for the Privilège 42 catamaran.



    Loftnets designs trampolines for Privilège 42 catamarans in braided net or tachnical canvas.

    For a trampoline in polyester netting, we recommend a braided - not knotted - net for greater comfort. Several mesh sizes are available based on the use of your trampoline: the F3030T and the F1515T, both available in black or white.

    For a trampoline made with a technical canvas, we recommend the MT492, MultiTramp material, a perfect fit for the Privilège line, and especially the Privilège 42. The MT492 is the top of the line technical canvas and is often found on catamarans of up to 82 feet.

    The Privilège 42 polyester nets are UV-resistant and hold up well over time. The F3030T has a 30-mm mesh, allowing water to filter through it when the sea is agitated. The trampoline mesh is still tightly braided enough to remain very comfortable. The F1515T has a smaller mesh of approximately 15 mm. It is very soft to the touch, whether underfoot during manoeuvres or while sunbathing when the boat is moored.

    On the other hand, the MultiTramp MT492 fabric for the Privilège 42 is also treated against UV rays, and additionally has a high-frequency welded border on all the edges, with grommets placed every 150 mm. The large number of eyelets means that the weight and tension are more evenly distributed. Perfectly adapted to salt water and rough weather conditions, this fabric is very soft to the touch. One of the strong points of the MultiTramp fabrics is their adaptability: they are not easily deformed and keep their shape. They are perfectly adapted to the curves of the Privilège 42.

    Finally, you can customize the trampoline of your Privilège 42, according to your wants and needs. If ever your boat undergoes modifications, we adapt our nets accordingly. Several boat charterers in the world who own Privilège catamarans place their trust in us when replacing their trampolines.

    Trampoline for Privilège 42 catamaran
    Catamaran trampoline
    ModelsPrivilège 48
    Tension systemLacing
    Tension ropeSold by the meter. Online ordering available.
    Available materials
    30 x 30 mm (1 1/8'') braided netting475 g/m² (1.56 oz/sqft) polyester - Edge : 10-mm (13/32'') bolt rope - Thread diameter : 4 mm (5/32'')
    15 x 15 mm (5/8'') braided netting700 g/m² (2.29 oz/sqft) polyester - Edge : 10 mm (13/32'') bolt rope - Thread diameter : 2,5 mm (3/32'')
    Multitramp Mesh 4921000g/m² (3.28 oz/sqft) 1670dtex - PVC coating - Edge : 17 mm (11/16'') grommets - Welded strap