Trampoline for Nautitech 47 catamaran

Shipped within 2 to 3 weeks


Trampoline net in polyester or technical canvas for Nautitech catamarans.



    The Nautitech 47 has been widely praised in the media for its volumes, conviviality, comfort, and sailing performances. It has two trampolines at the front, separated by a beam. France Trampoline proposes two nets that are perfectly suited to replace your Nautitech 47 trampolines, the F3030T and the F1515T, as well as a robust, comfortable technical canvas, the MT 492.

    - The F1515T polyester net has a closely-braided 15-mm mesh, which makes it very comfortable underfoot or to sunbathe on. The F3030T net, also made of polyester, has a 30-mm mesh size that will not altar your boat's performances when sailing in choppy waters.

    - Both nets are designed in polyester, an ideal manufacturing material for Nautitech 47 trampolines. The polyester is UV-resistant, and treated against harsh marine conditions like salt water and strong winds. It is the material of choice for multi-hull trampolines, and very easy to maintain.

    - We also recommend a technical canvas for the Nautitech 47 catamaran, the Multitramp Mesh MT492. The MT492 is UV-resistant and treated against salt corrosion. Firm and comfortable, our MT technical fabrics guarantee optimal outings at sea in ultimate comfort. They withstand the test of time, all the more so as their edges are designed with high-frequency welding.

    To guarantee that your trampolines are delivered to you in mint condition, we carefully wrap and package them to protect them throughout the delivery chain. This particular attention to detail is just one of the reasons why we deliver our trampolines worldwide.

    Trampoline for Nautitech 47 catamaran
    Catamaran trampoline
    ModelsNautitech 47
    Tension systemLacing
    Tension ropeSold by the meter. Online ordering available.
    Available materials
    30 x 30 mm (1 1/8'') braided netting475 g/m² (1.56 oz/sqft) polyester - Edge : 10-mm (13/32'') bolt rope - Thread diameter : 4 mm (5/32'')
    15 x 15 mm (5/8'') braided netting700 g/m² (2.29 oz/sqft) polyester - Edge : 10 mm (13/32'') bolt rope - Thread diameter : 2,5 mm (3/32'')
    Multitramp Mesh 4921000g/m² (3.28 oz/sqft) 1670dtex - PVC coating - Edge : 17 mm (11/16'') grommets - Welded strap