At this year's BATIMAT show, LOFTNETS will blow you away!

In keeping with the show's theme "Let’s change our perspective!", LOFTNETS will be at BATIMAT 2024 to present its suspended nets, creating new spaces between the sky and earth. The opportunity to soar to new heights was bound to inspire us!

LOFTNETS made-to-measure nets are part of this fresh look at the challenges facing the industry: offering innovative, inspiring and responsible layout solutions.

A new living space in tune with environmental challenges

The very low volume and weight per m² of surface area created makes our Marine3S® polyester mesh nets particularly effective in terms of environmental standards. The carbon footprint per m² of our space design solution is low compared to other materials: glass tiles, concrete slabs, wooden floors or other flat floor surfaces.

Another strong point is that the home net is a versatile architectural solution, requiring no demolition in the event of a new interior layout.

We decided to optimize the material scraps used for our made-to-measure nets, produced in our workshop in Bordeaux: a range of upcycled net bags was born from this idea! These bags are as sturdy as they are stylish, and are our response to the fight against waste.

The blocker eye plate, a contender for the 2024 Innovation Awards

In 2024, LOFTNETS launched an innovative fastening system to meet the expectations of our more novice customers. A fastening system that simplifies the installation of a home net while offering maximum safety: the A4 stainless steel blocker eye plate specifically designed for point-by-point lacing (also available in black).

Pontet bloqueur, nouvelle fixation LOFTNETSPontet bloqueur, nouvelle fixation LOFTNETS

Designed by LOFTNETS engineers, the blocker eye plate is extremely robust and long-lasting, making it ideal for use in a variety of environments. The integration of a rope blocker in a trigger guard on a plate guarantees perfect hold of the tensioning rope.

This fastener saves time when installing a net with point-by-point lacing. It makes it easy to adjust the tension of the net throughout the installation process. Locking the cord in the blocking trigger guard is a simple gesture with no risk of mishandling: no more complex lacing knots!

The LOFTNETS team is proud to present its latest invention at this world-famous competition for innovations in the building sector.

Come and see us in Pavillon 1 Interior & Garden, stand B090.

Pontet bloqueur avec filet en mailles 15 mm blanc

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