A4 stainless steel Shackle with screws

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Stainless steel shackle A4 with 4.5X35 screws for wooden construction.



    To fix your guardrail, with or without tension rope, we propose you these A4 stainless steel shackle eyes screw sold with their 4.5X35 screw for wooden construction. These fasteners allow an indoor and outdoor installation.

    - These A4 stainless steel shackles are resistant to corrosion in saline and chlorinated environments, giving you a great freedom of use.

    - Each shackle is fully polished to prevent the rope or your net from being cut.

    - The 4.5X35 stainless steel TX screws have faceted countersinks at the head of the screw for a clean finish, as well as a knurled design that significantly reduces the resistance to screwing.

    - Simple installation: two 4.5X35 screws are supplied with each shackle. Thanks to its threaded shaft, the shackle is easy to open and simplifies the installation. Spread your shackle brackets every 15 cm to distribute the tension evenly. Be careful, for beautiful finishes, don't forget to fix them in the same direction!

    - Be careful, 4.5X35 screws are only used in wood thicker than 35mm. If you wish to hang your railing in concrete, we advise you to choose screws and dowels designed for this use.

    A4 stainless steel Shackle with screws
    MaterialCorrosion-resistant A4 stainless steel
    UseSupport bois
    Thread/axis diameter4.5 mm
    Eye diameter14 mm
    Max. weight limit150 kg (330 lbs) / fixation
    Thread length30 mm - 1 1/8''
    Tensile strength4,3kN
    Torsional strength3,7N.m