8 x 80 mm black Eye Screw



Fixing system for indoor and outdoor hammock floor nets : A4 stainless steeel Eye Screw for long-lasting hold



    To install your hammock floor or decek net, we provide several fixing systems, such as A4 stainless steel eye screws. They measure 80 mm in length and weigh 50 grams. They are well finished and perfectly adapted to outdoor installations.

    - The eye screws have closed eyes to prevent the tension rope from slipping out, when the net is in movement. The eyelet is also polished to prevent friction and the rope from being sectioned.

    - These stainless steel A4 eye screws are perfect for nautical or exterior conditions, it is the most resistant type of stainless steel. They are usually used on sun beds, hammock floors over water or outdoor net beds.

    - It is easy to install eye screws: they must be placed at regular 120 mm intervals to spread weight and tension around the net. If you have a wooden structure, an eye screw is ideal as it can be screwed in, however, you may want to drill into the wood slightly before hand, to prevent it from splitting.

    - For harder surfaces, such as cement or concrete, we recommend using wall plugs adapted to the eye screws (wall plugs not provided).

    8 x 80 mm black Eye Screw
    MaterialCorrosion-resistant A4 stainless steel
    Thread/axis diameter8 mm - 5/16''
    Eye diameter25 mm - 1''
    Max. weight limit225 kg / fixing