Black stainless steel A4 eye plate (without screws)

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Stainless steel A4 eye plate (without screws) sold per unit.



    The black stainless steel A4 eye plate is adapted to indoor use for hammock floors and rail nets but also to oudoor use for sunbeds, deck netting and over water hammock floors.

    Easy to set up (and take down), stainless steel eye plates are resistant to humidity, frost and nautical conditions.

    - These stainless steel A4 eye plates are sold per unit and without screws : ideal if you already have the adapted screws.

    - The holes for the screws measure 5 mm. The holes are funnel shaped to facilitate placing the screw. Once in place the screw head will be level with the eye plate for a visually impeccable surface finish. Space between 2 screws is 24 mm.

    - The eye platesare made with 3 mm thick and 40 mm wide plates. Total height of the plate (with ring) is 27 mm (inside ring height = 17 mm).

    - Easy to set up and take down, all you need is a power tool. However, be careful to place the eye plates upright and to respect 120 mm intervals between each one, for a well stretched net.

    - These eye plates offer many advantages : easy to install, highly-resistant, adapted to various environments, aesthetic and impeccable surface finish.

    - We also provide eye plates with screws. Do not hesitate to contact our product sheet Stainless steel A4 eye plate (with screws)

    Black stainless steel A4 eye plate (without screws)
    MaterialCorrosion-resistant A4 stainless steel
    Thread/axis diameter6 mm - 1/4''
    Eye diameter18 mm - 23/32''
    Max. weight limit225 kg / fixing