Stainless steel A4 shackle

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Stainless steel A4 shackle without screws, sold individually, for indoor or outdoor use.
Ideal for the installation of your net railing without tension rope.



    Specially designed by LOFTNETS, the stainless steel A4 shackle allows you to elegantly install your net railing.

    Thanks to this innovative fastener, you no longer need a tension rope to secure your railing net. In fact, thanks to one of its removable sides, it can be taken directly into the mesh of your home net.

    Made of A4 stainless steel, our shackle can be fixed both indoors and outdoors.

    Sold individually, without screws.

    Stainless steel A4 shackle
    MaterialCorrosion-resistant A4 stainless steel
    Thread/axis diameter4.5 mm
    Eye diameter14 mm
    Max. weight limit150 kg (330 lbs) / fixation