Sail 71 Beach Bag

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This big beach bag is made from real sail material. Very resistant, i twill allow you to carry around all of beach necessities. A stylish and “must have” accessory!



    Indispensable for the summer this beach bag is made from real sail material. A practical and elegant accessory for the beach or to carry on to the deck of your yacht or even to carry around town. This exclusive design is signed France Trampoline: only available on our website.

    -          This large beach bag has a volume of 45 litres, thanks to its generous dimensions: 40 x 68 cm. This will allow you to easily fit in all your beach accessories.

    -          Ultra-resistant, it is made from sail fabric. This fabric is resistant to marine conditions (humidity salt, sand). It is also water-repellent, allowing water to simply drip off.

    -          An inside lining will allow you to keep your everything clean and dry. An additional 9 x 15 cm pocket is also sewn into the lining, to tidy away your small objects: telephone, purse/wallet…

    -          The bag is equipped with a zip to protect your belongings from sand and any other dangers!

    -          Two handles made from authentic white boat rigging allows you to carry your bag over your shoulder. Two high-frequency welded stainless steel eyelets keep the handles in place.

    This is bag is a limited edition and available in only 100 copies.