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LoftNets offers numerous installation and fixing options for your indoor and outdoor hammock floors and deck netting. As part of the design and order process we will find the most suitable fixing solution for your application.

Fixing solutions for your hammock flooring and deck netting!

Hooks, pitons, steel eye plates, wires, turnbuckles, shackles, pegs: a wide choice of accessories for installing your design feature.

Depending on your designs application the fixtures you’ll require will differ, please talk with sales team to get the correct part when ordering your netting: + 33 (0)

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To install and maintain your indoor net or guardrail, LoftNets makes available a variety of home net fixations. Depending on the use of your net and where you install it, certain systems will be better than others. All are very resistant, and made of steel or stainless steel to stand up to cold and damp weather conditions. Very solid materials such as metal or concrete may require special or additional accessories like dowels. Use shackles to keep the net's bolt rope from rubbing against the tensioning rope.

Trigger guards, shackles, and eye bolts may be used indoors and outdoors to tension a suspended floor net, guardrail, sunbed, and so on, for optimal safety. Home net fixations are sold individually,and the quantities needed may be calculated online when ordering.

Home net fixations based on the surface area

LoftNets offers several types of quality fixations from which to choose to optimally install your indoor or outdoor home net. Our nets are available per m² and adapt to your needs based on their shape and intended use. The number of outdoor and indoor home net fixations required may widely vary from one net to another, which is why the fixations are sold individually.

Certain models, such as trigger guards, are available with or without screws. These are easily installed and uninstalled with a cordless screwdriver. They are also very discrete and give the net installation a nice finishing touch. If you are using a frame or metallic structure, we recommend that you use eye bolts, which may be solidly anchored to metal or concrete. For softer materials, such as wood, stainless steel shackles are ideal, and are easily screwed on to a pre-drilled frame.

Easy installation with additional elements

All our indoor and outdoor fixation systems are made of galvanized or stainless steel for optimal resistance. They will safely maintain your net, even in particular conditions such as intense sunlight, harsh weather, or marine environments.

To help you maintain your net for a long time, we offer straight shackles to reduce rubbing on the tension rope. When used with dowels, our trigger guards may be used with hard materials such as concrete, stone, or asphalt.

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