A4 black stainless steel lacing D-shackle - 24 mm

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  • A4 black stainless steel lacing D-shackle - 24 mm length
  • Fastening with hexagonal screw
  • For criss cross lacing
  • Compatible with single bolt rope



    We provide a solution to increase your net’s and boltrope’s life-span: a straight A4 stainless steel lacing D-shackle, used for criss cross lacing.

    This shackle acts as an additional link between the net's bolt rope and the tension rope, reducing friction.

    - The shackle is made up of a « U » that is 24 mm high and a removable pin with Allen screw.

    - This accessory will not only give you peace of mind but will also make your installation more aesthetic as the shackle is polished to avoid damaging the cord and the boltrope.

    - Made from stainless steel, this shackle is adapted for indoor and outdoor use.

    - The shackles must be placed around the boltrope of your net and placed in front of the fasteners on your supporting structure. This will allow you to proceed to a regular and aesthetic lacing.

    - Suspended house nets tend to stretch slightly in time. Using the shackles will make tightening your net a lot easier.

    - Our 10 mm tensioning rope is compatible with our shackles.

    Also available without black coloring.

    A4 black stainless steel lacing D-shackle - 24 mm
    MaterialCorrosion-resistant A4 stainless steel
    Thread/axis diameter6 mm - 1/4''
    Eye diameter12 mm - 1/2''
    Max. weight limit150 kg (330 lbs) / fixation

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