LOFTNETS, Ocean Fifty fleet supplier

The world of sailing, and Ocean Fifty racing in particular, relies not only on the skill of the sailors and the design of the boats, but also on the quality of the equipment used. Among the key suppliers who play a crucial role in this dynamic, LOFTNETS stands out as a prime specialist in catamaran nets.

Four of the prestigious Ocean Fifty boats are now supplied by LOFTNETS:

  • Solidaires en Peloton
  • UpWind by MerConcept
  • Primonial
  • Le Rire Médecin Lamotte

They are all currently preparing for Act 1 of the 2024 Ocean Fifty racing season (first confrontation from May 22 to 26, starting from the port of Bas Sablons in Saint-Malo).

L'Ocean Fifty Solidaires en Peloton prêt à débuter la saison 2024 Ocean Fifty Series  Thibaut Vauchel-Camus de l'équipage Solidaires en Peloton  Ocean Fifty Primonial avec Sébastien Rogues

  LOFTNETS, fournisseur du filet de catamaran de l'Ocean Fifty UpWind by Merconcept  LOFTNETS, partenaire technique d' UpWind by Merconcept  Ocean Fifty Le Rire Médecin Lamotte

Photos Défi Voile Solidaires en Peloton : ©Pierrick Contin
Photos UpWind by MerConcept : ©Gauthier Lebec

High-quality nets for optimum performance

The Ocean Fifty are 15-meter trimarans, renowned for their speed and agility. For these boats, every component must be light, strong and high-performance. For many years, LOFTNETS has been supplying catamaran nets to racing teams and sailors all over the world.

The quality of our nets is the result of proven know-how and state-of-the-art technology. LOFTNETS nets are designed to withstand the most extreme conditions, offering optimum safety and performance.

As Act 1 approaches, the teams from Solidaires en Peloton (Thibaut Vauchel-Camus alongside the ARSEP foundation for multiple sclerosis research), Upwind by MerConcept (Francesca Clapcich and her 100% female crew), Primonial (Sébastien Rogues for Necker Hospital in Paris) and Le Rire Médecin Lamotte (Luke Berry for Le Rire Médecin nonprofit organization) are stepping up their preparations.

LOFTNETS will be keeping a close eye on their progress and wishes them all the best for the new 2024 season!

5 acts to follow in 2024

  • Act 1 / Saint-Malo – May 22 to 26
  • Act 2 / Pornichet-La Baule – June 19 to 23
  • Act 3 / Route des Terre-Neuvas – August 14 to 25
  • Act 4 / Med Max Occitanie-Saïdia Resort – September 21 to October 6
  • Act 5 / Sainte-Maxime – October 16 to 20

For more informations :

- Site officiel de la classe Ocean Fifty / @classeoceanfifty
- Défi Voile Solidaires en Peloton / @defivoilesep
- UpWind by MerConcept / @upwindbymerconcept
- Primonial / @primonial_sailing_team
Le Rire Médecin Lamotte / @luke_berry_sailing

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