Advantages of a mezzanine net

It’s always a delightful surprise to enter a living room or dining room and find a home net above the room instead of a classic ceiling.

Why are home nets increasingly popular? What are the advantages of installing a home net? Here is a list of the 6 major advantages of this trendy, fun home addition.

1.   A trendy touch for your home

Looking for a trendy, fun, interior decorating solution? The home net is just the thing! Originally used to bridge the two hulls of catamarans, this product has been used for over ten years to add originality and functionality to modern homes.

Used as a partition that lets daylight filter through, it can also be used as a guard rail on a mezzanine or any other number of uses. When installed horizontally, it acts as a reading nook or day bed. Children love to turn it into their play area.

Customers who have installed a home net in their homes have all said that in just a very short time it became everyone’s favorite place of all. Many have said how much they enjoy the feeling of weightlessness when on the net.

Choosing the net’s mesh size and color lets you best adapt the net to your interior. A black net adds a touch of sophistication, while a white net gives off a brighter, more natural effect.

Filet d'habitation blanc pour une entrée lumineuse Filet de mezzanine noir pour optimiser la trémie de l'escalier

2.   A protection for open spaces

The catamaran net optimizes voids and protects your family members. It acts as a sleek guard rail, secures a stairwell, an upper bunk bed or a mezzanine in a child’s room.

3.   Additional m2

The home net is more than just a safety solution for your home. It allows you to gain additional square meters in your living space. If, for example, you install a suspended net over the stairwell, you fill that void and create a giant hammock at the same time: additional living space entirely open on the rest of the house.

Utilisation de la totalité de l'espace sous plafond grâce à un filet d'habitation  Toute la hauteur sous plafond a été utilisée grâce au Filet d'habitation qui permet de créer un espace détente partout dans la maison

4.   A simple, safe solution

The home net is an increasingly popular interior decorating solution in homes around the world, but has been around a long time in the nautical sector. It is identical to those to equip catamarans, and any sailing crew will attest to their robustness.

It’s equally robust in a home. Simply tension the net to fill a void and enjoy! It can withstand up to 120 kg per m2, so several people – even several adults - may safely enjoy it at the same time.

5.   Easy to install

Installing a catamaran net may appear complicated, but that’s not the case. The first and most important step consists in checking the solidity of your net support. The net must be installed on a wooden or concrete frame structure, or directly on the solid structure of the home. It is absolutely imperative that the frame be solid, and is absolutely forbidden to install it on a plaster board support.

Following this step, install the eyebolts or trigger guards every 15 cm. Then, attach the net corners to the corners of the frame, and lace the tensioning rope to the frame.

To assist you, we will send you a video tutorial to show you the different steps to follow to install your custom home net. If you’re still unsure of yourself, you can always call on a carpenter or mason to install the net for you.

6.   An economical solution

The last major advantage of installing a catamaran home net is its cost-effectiveness. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you receive our quote, when compared to the cost of more traditional building materials.

Even custom-made, catamaran nets remain affordable. Simply remember to factor in the cost of the net’s frame to obtain the total cost.

On average, the cost of a home net runs around 49 € per m2, and roughly 75 € per m2 if you have it installed by a professional. These prices apply to a net with a 30 x 30 mm mesh. Prices may vary when choosing a different mesh.

Want to know more about the mezzanine net and its advantages? The Loftnets team is available to assist you in your project! Simply email us or fill out our online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can!

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