[VIDEO] MisterWalt installs a LOFTNETS net!

Construction influencer MisterWalt contacted LOFTNETS about installing a horizontal loft net in his new renovation project.

A bold gamble taken by this inspirational influencer: transforming a dilapidated house into a cosy home using the latest DIY techniques and modern, aesthetically pleasing equipment. This challenge is brilliantly met.

In his latest video, this pioneering builder unveiled his latest project: the installation of a loft net, offering a one-of-a-kind accommodation experience for his future Airbnb.

Accompanied by our specialist Arnaud, Maxime proceeded to install the net step by step, from fitting the fasteners to tensioning the net using our point-by-point lacing system.

And the result speaks for itself: an unforgettable hosting experience with our loft net!

Net details:

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