General Data Protection Regulation Policy

Updated: 25th April 2018

Planète Air gives the utmost importance to your privacy, this is the reason why we have put in place procedures that allow us to insure the confidentiality of the personal information you confide in us when you join our web site or place an order on

1 - Care of your information

We promise to work alongside current legislation, to protect your private information, insure the protection, the confidentiality, not to alter, the availability and security of the personal information that you have given to us and provide you with the following engagements:


We will keep you informed of the purpose and the destination of the collected information;


We will collect and use only the information necessary for the purpose our interactions;


We will put in place all reasonable technical and organisational measures for the protection of your personal data against disclosure, loss, alteration or unauthorised third-party access;

How long we store the information

We store your personal data the time necessary to complete the specific interaction or service;

Right to access or delete information

We offer you the possibility to modify and update your personal information directly via your online account with You can also exercise your right to the deletion of the data held by us, through a simple call to our customer service department on +33 (0) or by writing to us at

2 - Use of your personal information

2.1 At what moment would we collect your personal information?

Your information would be collected in the following situations:

  • during the creation of your account on our site
  • during a visit to our site, via cookies;
  • throughout the sales process;
  • via a purchase on our site and whilst using our services.

2.2 Which type of information do we collect?

Declared personal data that you provide us in the context of our commercial relationship for example during:

  • the creation of your customer account;
  • processing of your orders;
  • following up and processing of your order;
  • exchanges with our sales team;
  • participation in competitions or promotional events

This data is collected by forms are on our websites, paper or in response to questions asked for example by our customer service representatives.

The red asterisk on the forms and websites marks the information we are obliged to collect.

To fully benefit from our services and delivery it is necessary to collect your name, postal address, email, a contact telephone number and eventually your date of birth.

They are collected from your use or your purchases of our products and services, as part of our commercial relationship.

On the site we also collect:

  • information regarding the amount and type of purchase;
  • your orders, invoices and aftersales interaction;
  • your evolution as a customer through our online services;

Exclusion of certain categories of personal data

In accordance with the law, we do not collect any category of personal data that would reveal racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs or trade union membership, personal genetic data, biometric personal data for the purpose of uniquely identifying a natural person, personal data relating to health or personal data concerning the sex life or sexual orientation of a person.

These categories of personal data are never collected or processed by Planète Air.

2.3 How do we use your information?

We will use your data in accordance with the terms of this Policy, the general conditions of sale or use of our products and services and in a way that always respects the transparency and insuring the security of your data.

Examples of use:

  • where you have consented to one or more specific purposes by means of a written statement, including by electronic means, or an oral telephone statement;
  • when they are necessary for the execution of a sales contract, general conditions of sale or use or the performance of pre-contractual measures taken at your request;
  • for the respect of the legal or regulatory obligations of Planète Air (for example the guarantee, the invoicing, anti-fraud measures);
  • when the legitimate interests of Planète Air or a third party may give reason to justify treatment by Planète Air / France Trampoline of your personal data (example: insurance ...)

These interventions are implemented considering your interests and your fundamental rights as a client. As such, they are accompanied by guarantees and safeguards to protect your interests and rights, while balancing the legitimate and relevant interests we pursue.

2.4 Why do we collect your personal data?

  • To manage our commercial relationships with our clients;
  • Providing our services, administering of your purchases and orders, delivery and other services;
  • Communications with you concerning you orders your invoices the products, the services and promotional offers;
  • Storing and updating our clients account files;
  • To inform and provide all explanations about our relationship, particularly through our sales department;
  • To provide personalised and tailored services through data analysis;
  • Improving the customer experience through a better understanding of our clients;
  • Suggest in a marketing environment, innovative services, complementary products, promotional offers or display relevant and targeted advertising based on past behaviours or other relevant information, when you have not objected;
  • Perform analysis and produce statistics, to develop management, measurement and reporting tools to improve our commercial and marketing activities;
  • For technical purposes (e.g. access to your customer account, saving your personal data to avoid having to re-enter them during your visit or for follow-up visits to the site)

2.5 What kind of analysis do we carry out?

We carry out analysis of collected information for marketing purposes.

For this purpose, the information in the detailed profiles are transformed and given pseudonyms to be used for the following reasons by our commercial partners:

  • Implement publicity campaigns focusing on clients’ personal interests;
  • Offer our clients the chance to view promotional offers that correspond to their consumer habits.

If you wish to opt out and not receive targeted advertising based on your personal interests, you can disactivate this option on the personal account page in the section: My subscriptions: Adjust the settings.

About customised Ads

We collaborate with advertising partners to offer advertising content that is always more useful and interesting. To do this, we’ll use, for example, the information that our partners share with us. This enables us to offer you most relevant advertising.

2.6 Who are the recipients of your personal information?

We insure that only authorised persons can access your personal data when it is necessary for the execution of our commercial relationship.

Our service providers may also be recipients of the personal data strictly necessary for the performance of the services we have entrusted to them (example: delivery address ...)

Certain personal data may also be sent to third parties to meet with legal, regulatory or contractual obligations or to legal authorities.

2.7 Where do we store your personal information?

The data is stored respecting the French law and European regulations.

We may share with other companies’ personal data necessary for the implementation of services you have contracted or subscribed (examples: home delivery, collection points, product availability alerts ...)

Transactions with a third-party provider and your data are subject to a contract to ensure the protection of your information and the respect of your rights.

2.8 How long do we keep hold of your personal data?

The duration of conservation of your data respects the recommendations of the CNIL and other legal obligations:

  • Data from your customer account: 3 years after the last contact
  • Data from your loyalty program: 3 years after the last contact
  • Connection data for sites: between 6 months and 1 year
  • Purchase data and invoices: 5 years
  • Prospecting information:3 years after the last contact

2.9 Managing cookies

During the consultation of the website, Planète Air, subject to your choice, will place on your computer, through your browser, a file called a "cookie". It will allow us during the period of the validity of the cookie, to identify your computer during your subsequent visits. Partners or third-party service providers may also, subject to your choices, placing cookies on your computer.

Cookies are essential to navigation on our site, especially for the proper execution of the order process. Only the issuer of a cookie may read or modify the information contained in this cookie. You will find below information about cookies that may be placed on your computer when you visit pages of the site, it will give you the option to remove or refuse the registration of these cookies on your computer.

The cookies we issue are used for the purposes described below. These cookies are essential to navigating on our site. Their removal can lead to navigation difficulties and the impossibility of ordering. We therefore advise you not to delete them.

Navigation cookies

These cookies are for measurement of audience and statistics that we emit allow us to establish statistics and frequentation data (counting of the number of Internet users navigating on our site) and of use of the various composing elements on our site (categories and content visited, navigation). These cookies are essential because they allow us to improve the interest and the ergonomics of our services even to detect navigational problems. In addition, the, Prestashop cookies allow you to maintain an active session for the duration of your browsing.

Cookie typeUsageDuration keptWho?More Information
Prestashop Cookie Identify the user so that he can add to the cart without having an account
Identify the user
Save the basket
7 daysPlanète Air/
Google Analytics CookieAudience measurement30 daysAlphabet / Google IncGoogle Analytics Policy

For more information please contact :

Third-party cookies and advertising

When a user clicks on an advert on the site a cookie is placed on their computer.

Cookie typeUsageDuration keptWho?More information
Affilinet / Awin Targeting advertising
Conversion metrics
30 daysAffilinetClick for Awin privacy policy information
AdwordsTargeting advertising
Conversion metrics
30 daysAlphabet / Google IncClick for Google privacy policy information
CriteoTargeting advertising30 daysCriteoClick for Criteo privacy policy information
FacebookTargeting advertising
Conversion metrics
30 daysFacebook IncClick for Facebook privacy policy information

Refusal of cookies

Though the use of your browser settings, you can, at any time, simply and for without charge, choose whether you wish to accept the recording of cookies on your computer. You can configure your browser software as you wish, so that cookies are accepted and stored on your computer or, alternatively, that they are refused.

Setting up your browser software:

If your browser software is set to accept cookies on your computer, the cookies embedded in the pages you have viewed will be systematically saved upon the computer.

You can set your browser software to:

  • offer the acceptance or rejection, before a cookie is likely to be placed on your computer;
  • systematically refuse the acceptance of cookies

Warning: Any setting that you perform on your browser concerning the acceptance or refusal of cookies may change your browser settings and your conditions of access to certain services that require the use of these cookies.

If you choose to refuse cookies on your computer or if you delete the ones already registered, we accept no responsibility for the consequences related to the functionality of our services resulting from the impossibility of us saving or consulting the deleted cookies necessary for correct site operations.

How to exercise your choices, depending on the browser you use?

The configuration of software regularly differs from provider to provider. It is usually described in the help menu of your browser software. We suggest you check carefully. You’ll then be better able to know how to modify for your needs, in terms of cookies.

3 - How to exercise your access rights?

You can exercise your access rights:

  • via your online customer account;
  • by email with scan of your identity document attached: ;
  • through the post with copy of your identity document enclosed addressed to:


    Planète Air / Loftnets
    21, rue Georges Lesieur
    33 000 BORDEAUX

4 - Our data security measures

4.1 Our commitments to security and confidentiality

Respecting your right to the protection, security and privacy of your personal data is our priority.

Planète Air / Loftnets is committed to implementing organisational and technical security measures adapted to the degree of sensitivity of personal data, protecting them against malicious intrusion, loss, alteration or disclosure to unauthorised third parties.

When designing, selecting and using services for the processing of personal data, Planète Air takes account of the right to protection of personal data from the moment they are conceived.

For example, we use pseudonymisation or anonymisation, as appropriate, for personal data whenever possible or necessary.

As all personal data is confidential, access is restricted to Planète Air / Loftnets employees, or service providers acting on behalf of our company, who’d need it for the execution of their assignments. All persons having access to your data are bound by a duty of confidentiality and expose themselves to disciplinary measures and/or other sanctions if they do not respect these obligations.

Transactions with third party recipients are bound by a contract to ensure the protection of your personal data and the respect of your rights.

We are fully committed to protecting the personal data you entrust to us. In this constant concern for security and protection, we encourage you to exercise caution to prevent unauthorised access to your personal data and protect your devices (computer, smartphone, tablet) against any unwanted or malicious access using strong passwords, it is recommended you change these regularly. If you share devices, we recommend that you log out of your session after each use.

4.2 Our delegate for the protection of personal data

We have a designated Privacy Officer (DPO) to whom you can send any queries using the following address: