Guardrail nets

The guardrails are a very important safety feature to prevent falls or accidents: stairs, a bed or a balcony. The decorative safety features are easily fixed or removed offering numerous advantages over solid features.

Discover our innovative barrier and guardrail nets!

They are light weight and easy to install, simply hook them up! We can design your deck nets with or without bolt ropes. Without the bolt rope, you could use a steel cable or another fixation system as part of your design.

We can also offer you a design solution with a bolt rope and fixing system which is made up of a series of small stainless-steel hooks.

A quality netting barrier can be used in so many architectural applications, if you come up with your own ideas or need design help, get in contact we would happily to talk you through the design and ordering process.

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Ensure everyone's safety with a guardrail net

LoftNets provides you with a modulable solution that is easy to install and pleasing to the eye to secure a staircase, mezzanine, or balcony. Designed to withstand weights of up to 100 kg/m², our guardrail nets protect loved ones from falling out of bed or down a flight of stairs. Even without a railing, yound children may sleep safely upstairs thanks to this type of installation. Simply check to be sure that the net remains properly tensioned on its stainlesss steel hooks (included) to ensure your children's safety. Use our online design tool to customize your net step by step, using the measurements of the place where you wish to install it, then choose the type of netting, color, and fixation system.

Our protective guardrail nets are not only very resistant, but also treated against UV rays for enhanced durability. Securing a balcony with this type of net lets the whole family enjoy being outdoors, including small children and house pets!

A guardrail net: robust and pleasing to the eye

LoftNets' expertise in the field of nets guarantees you a high-quality installation to protect your family, not to mention one that is pleasing to the eye. The net's mesh, once tensioned, represents a geometrical pattern that is both elegant and unusual. The guardrail net needs to be properly tensioned to fulfill its role as a protective barrier.

Depending on where you plan to install your net, different types of mesh are recommended. In horizontal positions braided netting is recommended, whereas knotted netting is recommended for a vertical use.

Install a guardrail net both indoors and outdoors

Because of their robustness and UV-resistance, our guardrail nets are suitable for mezzanines, balconies, or staircases. They are an ideal solution for securing a stairwell, especially when no railing or balustrade is present. Children will be able to play safely upstairs in their rooms! In the same way, your balcony will be safer for small children and house pets, while letting you enjoy the view through the openwork of the net.

Based on the disposition of your room or balcony, we propose protective guardrail nets that are perfectly adapted to the available space. Use our online design tool or refer to our online guide to assist you through the process.

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