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LoftNets makes available customized catamaran nets to create a unique area in your home. Their robustness and resistance to elements such as sunshine or water are identical to those of our sailing nets.

Complete your home project with our customized catamaran nets

Both private owners and professionals will enjoy this high-quality equipment when they complete their dream project. Would you like a railing for a staircase, a guardrail for a balcony, or a sun bed for a terrace? Our customized service guarantees you a solution adapted to your needs and will assist you every step of the way in designing your project.

Based on the use and installation spot of your customized catamaran net, we will propose different types of nets. The position - horizontal or vertical - has an influence on the type of netting to choose, whether braided or knotted, and the size of the openwork. For example, to create a suspended floor net that is safe for small children to walk on, opt for a tightly-woven braided net.

A variety of customized technical fabrics to respond to your demands

We meet your demands with products that are adapted to your project. Make the most of your home net in optimal conditions! A void to fill under a cathedral ceiling, or a balcony to secure for small children? Each of our customized catamaran nets is designed according to the exact shape and size to perfectly fit into your framework.

You may choose among our wide range of nets, based on the installation area and the intended use of your net. Braided netting is more comfortable and softer to the touch, and so is better suited to a horizontal installation, while knotted netting is pleasing to the eye in a vertical installation. We also supply canvases and fine-quality customized technical fabrics for a variety of uses, from catamaran trampolines to swimming pool nets.

Secure, original installations to set up indoors or outdoors

Our large, entirely modulable offer allows private individuals and professionals to find the ideal solution to their unique project. Easy to install, lightweight and resistant, customized catamaran nets come in many shapes. Make the most of a void in your mezzanine by creating a relaxing area for the whole family to enjoy in just a few steps.

Balconies and staircases may be hazardous, especially to young children and house pets. With our robust, UV-resistant nets, you'll be able to make them safe places, no matter what shape or size the net. We will assist you in selecting the appropriate components, including the fixation hardware needed to install the net.

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