Hammock floors

Does your home have an upper void to fill and you wish to make the most of it? LoftNets makes available hammock floors that are robust and easy to install in your home.

Enjoy a relaxing, suspended floor with a mezzanine net

This solution lets you secure this unused space by installing a suspended floor net. Once installed and tensioned, it will prove to be very resistant and withstand the body weights of both children and adults. The entire family will be able to enjoy this relaxing loft net in complete safety. Just add a couple of throw pillows and you'll be all set for a well-deserved nap!

Based on the surface area available and its intended use, the mezzanine safety net's netting will differ. For your younger children to comfortably, safely enjoy the loft net, opt for very tightly-woven mesh. If you prefer maintaining as much daylight as possible in the room below the mezzanine, then choose a loosely-woven net. We will be happy to assist you in selecting your net through our made-to-measure service!

A practical, designer hammock floor

A very trendy addition to flats and houses, mezzanines can sometimes reduce surface area in favor of increased daylight. Hammock floors are the ideal compromise, offering an area to walk on, rest on, and enjoy quiet activities on a daily basis, while preserving optimal daylight in the room below. They are not only functional, but also unusual! This uncommon solution will give your interior an added touch of personality, all without being a permanent installation.

The fixations, which we also supply, allow you to hang and tension the net quickly and easily. Customize your project with our tools, or ask us for assistance to find the mezzanine net best suited to your needs.

Made-to-measure home nets for comfort and safety

LoftNets has many years of experience in designing and manufacturing hammock floors, and makes available several indoor net models. Made of braided or knotted netting in different openwork sizes, our nets will correspond to the type of installation you have in mind.

Whatever the case, you'll find our nets very comfortable and completely safe once properly installed. The loosely-woven nets are ideal for light shafts since they let daylight filter through to other areas in your home. More tightly-woven netting is suitable for parents with small children who wish to provide them with a completely safe play area. There is no risk of them falling from the mezzanine. Step-ladder kits are also available, for additional safety.

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