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Discover our different Dart trampolines that are all identical to the originals! For over ten years, LoftNets has expanded its offer to provide racing catamaran owners with technical fabrics and nets that have been specially designed for intensive, athletic use.

Set sail in optimal conditions with a new Dart trampoline

The Dart, available on the French market since 1976, has always been very popular with catamaran enthusiasts, so much so that it is one of the best-selling multihulls today.

Fully enjoy your outings at sea in optimal conditions and complete safety! We supply a line of high-quality Dart catamaran nets to let you choose the one best suited to your multihull. We make available replacement trampolines for the Dart 15, 16, and 18. The trampoline is available in the same material as the original one, a resistant, elastic, mesh fabric, or is also available in a more economical, PVC tarpaulin.

Several models available for Dart multihulls

The Dart catamaran net is available in several models, each with its own specific trampoline sizes, and adapted to the multihull's extremely lightweight structure. It is always important to select a Dart catamaran trampoline that corresponds to the model of the boat.

For example, owners of a Dart 15 or 18 may easily substitute their current mesh canvas with an identical technical version without compromising on performance. Clearly an advantage for natucal sports lovers! The multihull will perform well in the waves without losing speed when equipped with a lightweight, robust Dart catamaran net.

High-quality equipment for safe sailing

Our many years of experience allows us to offer Dart multihull nets that are identical to the originals. Their robust materials - mesh or PVC - let you enjoy many safe outings at sea. The trampolines are reinforced in places where they are likely to wear out quickly because of intensive use. Their stainless steel eyelets will not rub against the tensioning ropes of the net.

Our nets and technical fabrics are UV-resistant and designed to last. To ensure safe sailing, we have equipped our Dart trampolines with two twisted toe-straps to keep you comfortably secured on the trampoline despite the strong winds!