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LoftNets is the only company to get its technical nets approved by a third-party body

Sports catamarans

We manufacture catamaran trampolines for intensive and sporting use. We take a great deal of care in the selection of quality materials.

Check out our trampolines for sports catamarans !

Our trampolines are designed with polypropylene mesh which is known to be incredibly resistant, or using canvas if you are looking for a cheaper option. Our trampolines are designed to fit some of the biggest names such as Hobie Cat, Dart or even Nacra. If your old trampoline isn't too damaged, we can also repair it. We can also make your trampoline to measure !

Multiple rows of stitching also help to reinforce the trampoline. Some of the more exposed areas are also reinforced to guarantee strength. Steel eyelets ensure that you will be able to attach abseiling ropes. .

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Sports catamaran trampolines for exhilarating moments at sea

For over ten years, LoftNets has developed its know-how to offer you high-quality sports catamaran trampolines. We pay special attention to the quality of our materials to provide you with nets that are identical to the ones initially installed on your boat. We respect the tastes of professionals and non-professionals, and make available products that are compatible with the most popular makes and models in France, such as the Hobie Cat, the Dart, the Nacra, and the New Cat.

With particular attention paid to comfort and identical sensations, our sports catamaran trampolines are available in different shapes and sizes to suit your boat model. Their openwork mesh provides optimal resistance and permeability. You'll be able to make the most of your outings at sea in complete safety by replacing your damaged or worn-out net.

The importance of the trampoline for sports catamarans

Sailing a multihull is not just a leisure activity, but also a sport for professional and non-professional sailors who thrive on outings at sea. Sports catamarans require highly resistant equipment to stand up to strong winds without losing speed. Our sports catamaran trampolines and the lightweight hulls that make up these boats greatly contribute to their performance at sea.

We provide you with quality nets, identical to the ones that were originally installed on your multihull. Our openwork mesh nets are robust and extremely permemable. All our products are UV-resistant and equipped with rust-proof, stainless steel eyelets. You'll find our sports catamaran trampolines very comfortable to relax on, once they are properly tensioned with the tensioning ropes.

Choose from our wide range of nets

To satisfy sports catamaran owners the world over, LoftNets manufactures sports catamaran trampolines designed for frequent, intensive use. Fans of nautical sports who own, for example, a Dart or a Nacra with a worn-out trampoline may find a replacement net that complies with the same specifications as the original one.

Each type of catamaran has specific models, for which we provide various shapes and sizes of trampoline nets that are compatible with your boat. Whether made of openwork mesh or a PVC tarpaulin, our sports catamaran trampolines will let you re-discover strong sensations at sea, in complete safety!