Dyneema pre-stretched 50 mm (2'') braided netting

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Catamaran net in ultra-resistant material, adapted for racing catamarans.


Price from 105,96 € tax incl. / Based on a net of 6.25 m²

    Our Dyneema nets are primarily designed for racing catamarans.

    Four times more resistant than a polyester net with the same diameter, the Dyneema sk78 lasts 2 to 3 times longer. This composite fabric also has a very low slack ratio (-1%) thanks to a polyeurethane treatment and heat pre-stretching carried out during the manufacturing process.

    This will provide you with a very tensioned net, with no need to re-tension it during its lifetime. We recommend that you use a Dyneema tension rope in order to maintain these properties when lacing the net.

    Delivered with or without a Dyneema bolt rope.

    Dyneema pre-stretched 50 mm (2'') braided netting
    Manufacturing timeNet manufactured in 15 working days on average
    MaterialDyneema SK78 pre-stretched & heat set + polyurethane treament
    Weight150 g/m² - 0.49 oz/sqft
    Thread diameter2,5 mm - 3/32''
    Mesh size50 x 50 mm - 2 x 2''
    Mesh typeBraided
    Edge6-mm (1/4'') Dyneema, with or without bolt rope
    Maximum load325 Kg/m² (66 lbs/sqft) with a limit of 400 kg (880 lbs)