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Whether you have a rare multihull or if you have made it yourself, LoftNets can provide you with made to measure trampolines, using a plan or your old trampoline !

<p>We can manufacture your made to measure trampolines, nets and railings.</p>
<p>If you own a rare type of multihull, we can make you a made to measure trampoline, based upon a plan or your old trampoline. To bridge a gap between two ropes or to make your boat safer, our nets and railings will fully satisfy you by their efficiency and ease-to-use.</p>
<h2> Manufacturing of trampolines, nets and railings for your multihull !</h2>
<p>We can provide you with a perfect match for you multihull. We take care in choosing quality materials such as mesh, polyester or polyamide. All are treated against  UV light and are very resistant to a marine environment. You can choose the size of the mesh and if it is braided or knotted, depending on the use you have.</p>
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