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LoftNets is the only company to get its technical nets approved by a third-party body

Swimming pool net

Do you own an in-ground swimming pool at home or at your place of business? LoftNets supplies you with swimming pool protective nets!

Protect your pool with a swimming pool safety net

For over ten years, we have been developing high-quality home nets that comply with the same specifications as those used in marine environments. Our models and their fixings are therefore weather-proof, able to resist UV rays and salt water.

It goes without saying that these nets are suitable for outdoor use, in areas that are close to water. Installing these nets is easy with our different fixation systems for a resistant, efficient, tensioned net. Swimming pool protective nets protect the pool from foreign objects such as dead leaves or children's toys when the net's mesh is tightly-woven.

A net to protect the swimming pool from outdoor elements

An outdoor swimming pool safety net plays a dual role. Pool owners may easily keep foreign objects from entering the water, such as leaves, branches, or children's toys. This may prove to be very useful if the wind tends to always blow things your way! With a pool net you'll save time when cleaning your pool and spend more time enjoying the water. The mesh size of the net has an influence on what the net retains. It's up to you to choose the type of net for your outdoor installation: knotted or braided, loosely- or tightly-woven.

Enjoy a robust, resistant, high-quality net

LoftNets's experience in the area of home nets and catamaran trampolines guarantees you high-quality swimming pool nets.

The steel or stainless steel fixations are rust-proof and as resistant as the net, and will let you correctly and sustainably install and tension the net. The net is treated against UV rays, and so will not deteriorate in the sunlight over time.

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