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New Cat

The strong presence of the New Cat catamaran in French sailing schools may be explained by its ease of navigation and light weight. Both children and adults learning to sail will rapidly become familiar with the rudimentary basics.

Discover our New Cat trampolines to replace your net

Replace a worn-out or damaged net with our New Cat trampoline! Following intensive, frequent usage of the multihull, the equipment may deteriorate. At some point, professionals and non-professionals will need to replace the original net on their New Cat 12, 15, or other models, without noticing any difference between the two.

Our New Cat catamaran nets are technically identical to the original ones, to provide you with a strong resistance to waves, and thrilling sensations at sea. We have selected robust materials that stand up to repeated use and harsh elements such as UV rays and salt water.

A New Cat catamaran net: ideal for newbies

For a number of years, New Cat catamarans have been popular in sailing schools for learners of all ages. This multihull may be used by one or two people at a time, depending on the model. In order for sailing professionals to offer lessons in optimal conditions, LoftNets provides them with New Cat catamaran trampolines.

These trampolines replace the damaged nets to provide comfort to passengers, while ensuring both their safety and the boat's performances. Younger sailors will discover the joys of navigating under the supervision of an adult, or even by competing in a regatta!

Set sail safely with a high-quality net

Concerned with offering sailors of all levels the best experience possible, LoftNets puts its entensive years of knowledge to work to create New Cat boat nets that respond to catamaran owners' demands. To do so, we have selected the same materials as those used in the original nets: mesh and PVC. Whether it is an openwork net, or a technical fabric, our products are all equally robust and UV-resistant.

Our New Cat catamaran nets are designed to last and stand up to harsh weather conditions. Reinforcements are positioned along the stitches, and stainless steel eyelets placed along the net's perimeter keep the tensioning rope from fraying. Avoid taking any falls by attaching the toe-straps!